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5 Reasons to Study College Chemistry

Posted by Jessica Dagher



My college decision was simpler than most — I had two main criteria I was looking to satisfy. The college had to take academics seriously, and it needed to have a Christian standing. I narrowed my selection to my two favorite schools and chose between them. If you’re like the majority of high-schoolers, however, your search probably hasn’t been so straightforward. And if you’re interested in a STEM (refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) major, things just get more complicated. Will you be selling yourself short if you don’t go to a large research university? Is a degree from a liberal arts institution “second class”? Let me give you 5 reasons why I have found that studying College Chemistry at a Liberal Arts college actually makes perfect sense.

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College Chemistry and Biology: 3 Influences at Wheaton College

Posted by Natasha Narang

God has used my time at Wheaton College in ways that I could not have expected. My passion for science has been transformed in positive ways, as I have been challenged in coursework and in biochemical research. However I have also been supported by the strong community of students and faculty at Wheaton. My faith has also grown considerably as a result, as I have been given a safe place to ask hard questions and to understand how my beliefs integrate with science.

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