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Christian Studies: 5 Reasons Being an Education Major is 100% Worth It

Posted by Chloe Keene


When I was a senior in high school, everyone asked me what I wanted to study in college. I typically told them, “I’m planning to study secondary education. I think I want to be a teacher.” Throughout my years in college, I have had a lot of support for that decision, but I have also had a fair share of people respond with something like “Hmm… you don’t want to be a lawyer or a doctor? Those are great careers, and I’m sure you would be great at that.”

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Christian Studies at Wheaton College

Posted by Kendall Eitreim


Investing in a Liberal Arts education and engaging with Christian studies here at Wheaton College has enhanced my thinking, doing, and being in a way that will continue to impact my life in the years to come after graduation. During my time here at Wheaton, I received a Liberal Arts education from a Christian perspective and saw firsthand the integration of faith and learning. It was during my four years at Wheaton that I realized that “all truth is God’s truth.”

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College Chemistry and Biology: 3 Influences at Wheaton College

Posted by Natasha Narang

God has used my time at Wheaton College in ways that I could not have expected. My passion for science has been transformed in positive ways, as I have been challenged in coursework and in biochemical research. However I have also been supported by the strong community of students and faculty at Wheaton. My faith has also grown considerably as a result, as I have been given a safe place to ask hard questions and to understand how my beliefs integrate with science.

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Semester Study Abroad Programs: Sevilla, Spain

Posted by Kelli Manning

My semester study abroad was worth it. To live under another roof with strangers, study in an unknown city, learn the culture as you're in the culture while at the same time attempting to become fluent will be unforgettable. The semester study abroad program was a unique experience that I would have never received anywhere else.

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3 Lessons on Why Dancing is a Form of Christian Ministry

Posted by Kayla Solstad


God has radically transformed my expectations of Wheaton and ministry during my time here at Wheaton. Choosing to come to Wheaton was hard for me. I felt that God was pushing me to go to Wheaton, but Wheaton was lacking one thing that had been a huge part of my life: dance. Or so I thought. I had grown up dancing competitively: tap, jazz, and ballet, and was devastated to be leaving this chapter of my life — I didn’t know what I would do without dance. Upon arriving on campus, I quickly discovered Zoe’s Feet, the dance ministry here on Wheaton’s campus. God has used this ministry and form of Christian Outreach to change my life.

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Topics: Christian Outreach

3 Things I Learned at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music

Posted by Becca Rice

No matter what your instrument is, as a music major, you assume lots of your time will be spent in the practice room. For most, this is akin to a dentist’s visit: necessary, but rather unpleasant. In cut-throat conservatory of music environments, this time feels like it will make or break your career. Now throw in a liberal arts degree with general education requirements and some may wonder why anyone would choose music as a major. But living in a Christian environment changes everything. Here are three concepts I have learned at the Wheaton College Conservatory of music that can teach you to cherish practicing.

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3 Reasons Why Wheaton College Tops the List of Christian Colleges in Illinois

Posted by Rachel Thomas


Wheaton College is one of the premier Christian colleges in Illinois and it’s safe to say that this school has changed my life. Although I am less than three semesters in, these have been three semesters that have stretched me, challenged me, and enriched my life as a whole.

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