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Choosing a Major: Why Business and Psychology Are Perfect for Each Other

Posted by Alexa Pontus


Like many Wheaton students, I came in to college with no idea what I wanted to do – so I came in as a Business/Economics major. Through the course of my first year of study, I really enjoyed the challenges of economic theory classes, but I felt I needed something more. Having come in with a few credits from high school, I faced a choice between graduating early and adding another major. Given that I was heavily involved in extracurricular activities as a Varsity Women’s Golfer, I had to think hard about what the added work load would do to my college experience. In the end, I decided to pick up a second major.

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Topics: Choosing a Major

Top 3 Benefits Of Participating In Athletics At Wheaton

Posted by Kendall Eitreim


Participation on an athletic team is a powerful platform that brings students together and creates a sense of community. Here at Wheaton, sports foster camaraderie and school pride. While Wheaton is known for it’s academic rigor, it also boasts a highly successful and competitive athletic program. Just last season, the Wheaton football team advanced to the second round of the NCAA Division III Tournament and posted a 10-0 regular season record. Additionally, our women’s soccer team made it to the second round of the National Tournament last season and has made 19 consecutive trips to the National Tournament. Across all teams, there have been nearly 300 All-Americans since Wheaton was first established in 1860. Bottom line: in addition to academics, Wheaton also boasts rigorous athletics.

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Topics: Athletics

Semester Study Abroad Program: Taking On Germany

Posted by Kate Fredrikson


As a group of eight students and one professor, we had the opportunity to travel through Germany and Austria with a semester study abroad program, Wheaton in Germany. During this time we soaked in the culture, history, language, and daily life of Germany. We learned enough to fill a book, but here are two of the most notable lessons I learned:

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Topics: Semester Study Abroad Programs

So You Want to Be A STEM Major at A Christian College?

Posted by Emily Wilson


So you want to be a STEM major. But I suppose you’re wondering – will a Christian liberal arts education at Wheaton best prepare me, a STEM major, to contribute to the larger scientific community? I found myself asking the same question: do I want to be a STEM Major at a Christian College?

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Topics: STEM

Study Abroad Program: Wheaton In The Holy Lands

Posted by Elena Miles


At the start of this summer, I had the privilege of traveling with Wheaton in the Holy Lands as part of one of Wheaton’s study abroad programs. We were abroad for three weeks in Israel, a week in Greece, a week in Turkey, and a week in Italy (this year was the program's 42nd annual trip abroad).

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Topics: Semester Study Abroad Programs

Musical Theology: 3 Gifts from My Wheaton Experience in the Conservatory of Music

Posted by Wesley Newton


The dean at the Wheaton College Conservatory of Music, Dr. Michael Wilder, humorously proposed a “warning label” for our instrument cases: “Caution: Use of this instrument can lead to… a tendency to spend prolonged periods of time practicing alone in very small rooms...” With this warning, Dr. Wilder reminds us that being a music major entails years of solitary focus.

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Topics: Conservatory of Music

Why My Education in the Conservatory of Music Needs the Liberal Arts

Posted by Nicholas Muzik


Three years ago, I was sitting at the kitchen table, discussing college options with my parents. The previous year, I had decided that I wanted to study music composition, but I did not know how I wanted to obtain that degree. I was looking at two schools: Wheaton College and a state school about an hour and a half away from home. Both educations would challenge me as a composer. In different ways, both educations would confront me in my spiritual walk. Both educations would compel my complete dedication to music.

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Topics: Conservatory of Music

5 Reasons to Study College Chemistry

Posted by Jessica Dagher



My college decision was simpler than most — I had two main criteria I was looking to satisfy. The college had to take academics seriously, and it needed to have a Christian standing. I narrowed my selection to my two favorite schools and chose between them. If you’re like the majority of high-schoolers, however, your search probably hasn’t been so straightforward. And if you’re interested in a STEM (refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) major, things just get more complicated. Will you be selling yourself short if you don’t go to a large research university? Is a degree from a liberal arts institution “second class”? Let me give you 5 reasons why I have found that studying College Chemistry at a Liberal Arts college actually makes perfect sense.

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Topics: College Chemistry

Engaging in Christian Studies: Four Wheaton Moments that Have (Actually) Changed My Life

Posted by Natalie Tanner


According to the butterfly effect theory, a single flap of a butterfly’s wings moves particles of air, which moves more particles of air, which moves more particles of air, which can eventually trigger a hurricane on the other side of the globe.  Preposterous?  Perhaps.  But take a look inside your own life.  We all have butterfly moments —moments that have proven to alter the entire course of our lives.

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Topics: Christian Studies

5 Things I Wish I’d Known as an Incoming STEM Major

Posted by David Garringer


If you had told me that I’d be a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) major at a Christian college —mathematics, to be precise— during my senior year of high school, I would have looked at you oddly, waited a minute, and asked, “what’s the punchline?” In high school, I thought that undergraduate math was too sophisticated for all but the brainiest students, and I certainly wasn’t one of those. I was thinking about pursuing a business major.

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Topics: STEM