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College Chemistry and Biology: 3 Influences at Wheaton College

Posted by Natasha Narang


God has used my time at Wheaton College in ways that I could not have expected. My passion for science has been transformed in positive ways, as I have been challenged in coursework and in biochemical research. However I have also been supported by the strong community of students and faculty at Wheaton. My faith has also grown considerably as a result, as I have been given a safe place to ask hard questions and to understand how my beliefs integrate with science.
Influence #1 — Academic Rigor

At Wheaton College, I have grown significantly as a scientist through biochemical research and my coursework. Throughout my Wheaton career, I have appreciated the academic challenge of my college chemistry and biology courses as well as the encouraging and enjoyable community formed during group studying. Also, since sophomore year, I have been in one of the many labs on campus, working to better understand a bacterial disease. I spent a summer at Wheaton College working full time on my project which allowed me to cultivate a love for biochemical research. This ultimately motivated me to pursue research as a career. I am grateful for the opportunity provided by Wheaton College for excellent professorial guidance. This was seen in my project, the companionship of the research team that I worked with, and the opportunity to present my work at a variety of places including the American Chemical Society National Conference. These experiences along with many others as a Wheaton College biology major have given me a strong basis for my future beyond Wheaton.

Influence #2 — Supportive Relationships

The intense courses in biology and chemistry at Wheaton College push students to collaborate and form lasting friendships with each other throughout that process. I know most of my classmates at an individual level, as we have gotten to know each other well during our four years through our major courses. Additionally, we are also well supported by our faculty members, who not only seek to help us understand our material, but also facilitate our growth as individuals and encourage us in all parts of our lives. Personally, I have been exceedingly blessed by the guidance provided by my professors in both my career path and in my faith.

Influence #3 — Ignites Science as Worship

I have always had a deep love for science, but upon coming to Wheaton College, I first understood the way in which my faith is integrated into my studies. This caused me to see college chemistry and biology and from a fresh perspective, and increased my love for science. My studies have drawn me closer to God, the Creator of the physical world, as I study the things He created, from molecules to microbes to humans. In the research lab, God reveals more of His beautifully designed world, showing me daily the innovative, caring God that I serve.


Wheaton College has helped me grow significantly during my four years. I have been supported and encouraged by the community, and have had many laughs and enjoyable moments throughout my experience. I have been shown how to praise God through working hard in studying college chemistry, biology, and all other forms of a liberal arts education. And I have seen Him at work as Creator in the biochemistry lab. God is operating in all that we do, and can be worshiped through it all.

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