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5 Ways the Center for Vocation and Career Prepares You for Your Career Launch

Posted by Jordan Wear

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The Center for Vocation and Career (CVC) is one of Wheaton’s finest gems, yet it remains a resource that isn’t always taken into account during the college search and decision process. I had little involvement with the CVC prior to my last two years of college, but even in this short time, the CVC became one of the most encouraging, formative, and practical resources of my Wheaton experience. Listed below are five incredible offerings from the CVC that you should take advantage of when you come to Wheaton College.

Gallup StrengthsFinder Test

If I could make the StrengthsFinder test mandatory for all Wheaton College students, I would do so in a heartbeat. This is one of the few tests in college that contains information you’ll remember and refer to for the rest of your life. In just under one hour, you’ll receive a detailed report of your top five strengths, and you can meet with a member of the CVC who will explain your results in greater detail. I’ve referred to my strengths countless times as I determine what types of job descriptions, volunteer opportunities, and church service groups match best with my personality.

Resume Assistance

The world of resume writing is far more complex than I had ever imagined — every little detail matters, down to the simplest word and tiniest dash. You can pour over all of the conflicting and overwhelming resume advice you find on Google, or you can let the CVC do the heavy lifting for you. They’ve already spent endless hours doing research from credible sources to find templates that make the most impact. Whether you make an appointment or bring in your resume during walk-in hours, you’ll be amazed by how many helpful changes they’ll make.

Special Events

From Taco Tuesdays (hello, free food) to special guest lectures, the CVC’s events are not ones to miss. These are opportunities to network, hear from successful alumni in your field of interest, and learn about intriguing job/internship openings. In some cases, these events also include practical activities, such as resume assistance, mock interviews, or LinkedIn workshops. It can be hard to find time with a busy college schedule, but every single CVC event I attended provided me with extremely valuable information.

Mock Interviews

Few things in the job hunt are more daunting than the interview process. Standing out from dozens of equally qualified candidates in your interview is intimidating, but completing even just one or two mock interviews at the CVC can set you up for success. You will grow more comfortable with being in a high-pressure setting and you will learn how to answer tough questions with poise and confidence.  You will also become aware of poor subconscious behaviors you demonstrate when you’re under pressure. If you only remember one thing from this post — don’t wait until you land that incredible job interview to start preparing for it!

Encouragement and Advice

Looking for jobs and internships is often stressful, overwhelming, and discouraging. When I need an extra boost of motivation, I stop into the CVC. It amazes me how they drop everything they’re doing to support students who are struggling to make it out of the job search process alive. Everyone who works in the CVC office is in your corner and will go above and beyond to make sure you feel their support, whether you need a motivational speech or simply some practical insight.

Whether you’re still scouting out the right college or you currently attend Wheaton, I highly recommend you consider the Center for Vocation and Career, and make use of their amazing opportunities and resources. Visit the CVC office as quickly and often as you can to start seeing practical return on your Liberal Arts education and preparation for life after college.

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