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3 Reasons Why Wheaton College Tops the List of Christian Colleges in Illinois

Posted by Rachel Thomas


Wheaton College is one of the premier Christian colleges in Illinois and it’s safe to say that this school has changed my life. Although I am less than three semesters in, these have been three semesters that have stretched me, challenged me, and enriched my life as a whole.

Authentic Professors Who Pour Into My Life

My professors pour into me beyond the classroom as they encourage me to develop my gifts and passions and serve the Lord in all that I do. I have joined extracurricular activities that have stretched me and challenged me to try new things. I have learned how to manage my time and motivate myself even when the workload seems unbearable. I have learned to be independent as I navigate life outside of the comfort zone of home. I have learned how to live in community with other Christian women in my dorm as I’ve developed friendships that will last a lifetime. I have taken classes that have required my mind to stretch and grow.

Cultivates Genuine Love for Learning

This liberal arts education is preparing me to begin the career that waits on the other side of graduation. However, college has done more than just prepare me to enter into the workforce. College is not designed to simply be a safety net for a job search. College is not intended to be a “how to” manual for living a safe, comfortable life. The end goal of a college education is not to move higher up on the socioeconomic scale, but to cultivate a genuine love of learning.

A love of learning has given me a greater passion for making the most of my education. This love of learning has also been crucial to my quest in drawing closer to God. As I’ve continued into my second year at Wheaton College, I have discovered that the greater purpose of my education is to draw me closer to Jesus Christ. Nothing is of greater importance than centering my life around God. My Wheaton liberal arts education has taught me how to integrate my Christian faith into every single subject: from rhetoric to music to sociology.

Integration of Faith and Learning

I have seen how my Christian faith is important in my general education classes as well as the classes in my major. At first I was a bit bummed to have to take so many classes that weren’t in my major. As a Communication major, I didn’t see the point in taking Geology or Spanish or Art. However, as I sat through the classes I was less than excited about, I began to experience the true value of a Christian liberal arts education. I saw that I could learn a variety of subjects from a Christian perspective as I broaden my academic horizons.

In Art Survey, we traced the Biblical history that is present through centuries of artistic interpretation. In Wellness, we learned the importance of taking care of the earthly body that God has entrusted to us. In Geology, we learned the complexities and beauty of the world that God created for us to dwell within.

As a student, I feel as though I have been given a gift: for my college years, my primary responsibility is to learn. When else in life will I have this opportunity? My first year flew by, and I realized that I cannot take this time of life for granted. There are several Christian colleges in Illinois and for me the best choice is right here at Wheaton.

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