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What Wheaton Has Meant To Me

Posted by Julia Wildman


“Do you truly believe that you are God’s beloved, or are you still trying to be the best?” This question, posed by Dr. Dana Townsend to my human anatomy class during the first month of my sophomore year, encapsulates why I consistently thank God that he led me to Wheaton for my college years.

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Why Interdisciplinary Studies? A Story of Growing into Wholeness

Posted by Christina Goodrich


Two months ago, the class of 2017 participated in our commencement ceremony. In all honesty, these past months have felt no different from any other summer, though it has been a time of reflection on my time at Wheaton, and all that God has done through it.

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Topics: interdisciplinary studies

Community: Truly More than a Buzzword at Wheaton College

Posted by Anders Rotto


Spend more than five minutes in any informational meeting for Wheaton College prospective students, and it’s almost a guarantee that you will hear the word “community,” especially if it is immediately preceded by “intentional.” These are labels the college loves to give itself. The words invite feelings of warmth and acceptance, no matter who someone is or where he or she comes from.

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Topics: Community

Four Years of Wheaton Football: Lessons and Relationships for a Lifetime


“Personal glory is a bad motivator. Revenge is a bad motivator. But playing for a cause is the greatest motivator in the world.” — Coach Mike Swider, Head Football Coach

My four years playing football at Wheaton have been filled with joy and pain, but through the Christ-centered focus of the program – and the men in the program – I am able to see the constant blessing it has been to me. With only one catch for nine yards my sophomore year as the peak of my career statistically speaking, my time at Wheaton hasn’t been what I had initially envisioned.

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Topics: Athletics

Study Abroad Doesn’t Always Have to Mean Going Far Away

Posted by Leya Hartman


One thing to think about during your college search would be how study abroad in or out of country can impact your college years in ways you can’t even yet imagine. Here’s how it did for me:

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Topics: Study Abroad

Top 3 Reasons Why Wheaton Excels with Some of the Best Campus Dining in the Country

Posted by Anders Rotto


Coming from a family in which every single one of my parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents are excellent cooks, food has always been an important aspect of my life. Whether it was something as simple as nightly family dinner together or something requiring more effort, like Christmas dinners with extended family, these meals always included meaningful conversation, familial bonding, and (most importantly!) delicious food. Leaving for college, I did not believe I would be able to consistently partake in meals with this much meaning until I eventually had a family of my own. And then I came to Wheaton College.

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3 Ways Liberal Arts Equipped Me For A Fulfilling Life After College

Posted by Maelyn Hecox


Confession: I arrived on campus for freshman year without knowing that Wheaton College was a Liberal Arts school. What can I say…Wheaton swept me off my feet on my first visit and I hastily filled out my college application without doing much research. For the first few weeks of classes, I confidently nodded my head in agreement whenever peers or professors would discuss the topic of Liberal Arts while thinking to myself, hmm…I should really Google what that means when I get back to my dorm room.

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5 Ways the Center for Vocation and Career Prepares You for Your Career Launch

Posted by Jordan Wear

CVC workshop.png

The Center for Vocation and Career (CVC) is one of Wheaton’s finest gems, yet it remains a resource that isn’t always taken into account during the college search and decision process. I had little involvement with the CVC prior to my last two years of college, but even in this short time, the CVC became one of the most encouraging, formative, and practical resources of my Wheaton experience. Listed below are five incredible offerings from the CVC that you should take advantage of when you come to Wheaton College.

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Topics: Career and Vocation

Being a Transfer: 7 Values that Made Wheaton Worth It

Posted by Sam Nathan


If you had told me three years ago that I would currently be finishing up my senior year at Wheaton College, I would have never believed you. Thankfully, God had much bigger plans in store for me. This is the story of my Wheaton experience as a transfer student and how I saw the institution live out seven values that ultimately influenced me to stay.

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Topics: Transfer Students

The Value of Challenge

Posted by Peter Desrosier



Before coming to Wheaton, I had heard from teachers, parents, and mentors the age old advice that hard work and determination are the keys to success. Naturally, when I came to Wheaton, I chose my classes, made some friends, and settled in to wait for the waves of inspiration and determination to hit me. They never came. Instead, I rapidly learned that the only real way to grow intellectually, physically, spiritually, or emotionally as a person is to form habits. Inspiration can be a tremendous asset when it does come, but sometimes the only way to learn and grow is by getting down to work.

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Topics: Taking Risks